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The Radar Lab sits down the hill from Radar Lake, it is here that every product we make is incepted and brought to life. Our boutique operation ensures that we can bring you the best skis and the best materials. We’re constantly searching to better ourselves with not only new shapes but also better materials. This drive has led us to find high end foams, carbons and other materials which allow us to lead the industry. See some of the industry first materials we use below and check out a Radar Ski being made start to finish at the Radar Lab.

Textreme® is the manufacturer of a type of carbon weave called spread tow. The carbon is formed into a tape rather than a rope found in conventional carbon fabrics. The tape produced is much thinner and packs more material into a given area. This construction gives better mechanical performance, plus a 20% weight reduction and 20% strength gain. By using Textreme®, with its thin layers, the maximum strength until breakage is more than twice as high, compared to conventional carbon fabrics. Textreme® contributed to victories in Tour de France, America’s Cup and F1 races over past years. Our exclusive partnership with Textreme® has taken the Vapor to another level.  

Innegra has an exclusive Radar partnership, now used in Pro Build Vapor to reduce vibration caused by the PMI/carbon build. It is used from the front foot forward, vastly improving energy dispersion in the tip, allowing for only the information you send the ski to affect the way it rides in the water. Say goodbye to tip chatter and vibration.  

Radar skis have high strength, flush mounted, plated inserts for boot and fin mounting. During pre-production, a high density nylon block is located inside the core. This is the foundation of our insert system, ensuring the insert will become an integrated part of the ski. After the ski has been molded, each insert location is drilled via CNC positioning, to find exact location.