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Chris Rossi

Chief Ski Designer and team legend, Rossi has stood atop pro podiums and shaped skiing for decades. Now passionately revolutionizing the ski industry by building better water skis year after year.


Matt Rini

King of R&D and ensuring you are dialed day in and day out. Once a product is made, it makes its way into the hands of Matt Rini where he ensures it’s going to make your skiing experience better.


Brooks Wilson

Brand Manager of Radar, has a passion to bring skiing to the masses and change the way people think about slalom. Never afraid to crack a joke and make the lake a more fun place.


Whit McClintock

The First Lady of Radar is pushing the limits of Radar Skis day in and day out. Constantly striving to be the first woman to run 41 Off is inspiring to watch.


K.C. Wilson

The Prince as he’s been dubbed around these parts turns heads with every turn he makes. No more flowing locks but the kid makes running 39 look like a walk in the park on any given day.


Jason jMac McClintock

Fired up and ready for his first pro win, jMac has a no nonsense head down approach to slalom skiing. Balancing life between Canada and the USA has proved well for Jason as he works to be the next person to run 41 Off.


Trent Finlayson

Trent is the dude everybody wants in the boat while they ski. He’ll make you laugh and make you a better skier in a total of 7 words. Trent’s a Canadian record holder and all time buoy slayer while at the same time making all of Texas collectively better at riding skis.


Stephen Neveu

The great man from Canada looms over all of us with a gentle smile as he whoops everybody at slalom. Neveu took his first pro win at Diablo this year and is looking to stand on top of more podiums year after year.


Johan Efverstrom

The Swede in our crew. He makes trips to Ikea seamless and crushes buoys constantly at photoshoots. Johan is a multi time National champ and flyer of the Radar flag all across the globe.